Swedish Massage

            30 min         $35

            60 min         $60

            90 min         $90

          120 min*      $150

Deep Tissue Massage

            30 min          $45 

            60 min          $75

            90 min          $110 

Hot Stone Massage or Bamboo Massage with Mirna


           60 min           $85

TMJ Massage Work with Glen


            30 min $40

Myofascial Release (John Barnes method) with Glen:

             60 min $75

             90 min $100

Medical Massage with Glen:

             30 min $40

             45 min $55

             60 min $75

Reflexology with Rosa:

            30 min Hands $30

            30 min Feet $30

            60 min Hands and Feet $50

          *Upgrade your manicure or pedicure $10 discount



Your skin regenerates every 28 days. Facials allow for exfoliation, revealing the young, new skin cells often trapped beneath a layer of dullness.

European Facial                                $60

HydroFacial                                        $75

Rejuvenating Facial                           $85

    -Glycolic, Lactic or Enzyme Peel

Epidermal Leveling (Dermaplane)   $50

    -added on to a service              $40

Microdermabrasion                           $45

    -added on to a service               $40

 **Maintenance Programs Available**

Eyelash Extension should be matched to your face, giving you a natural looking enhancement that turns heads!

Full Set

Your initial visit will be around 2 hours, with a consultation and full set application           $90

Fill Set

Fills are typically recommended in 2-3 week intervals

1 hour appointment                                       $45

Eyelash Extensions

Nail Care

Health benefits of copper are well known. Soaking feet in a Copper bowl can help to achieve a healthier immune system as well as help with joint pain from conditions like arthritis. Besides the beauty, copper naturally kills many germs and bacteria and helps reduce pain and inflammation.

Positive and negative magnetic fields created by copper help energy flow through the body. Ionized copper was used by ancient Egypt to purify water.

In addition the body absorbs small amounts of copper into the blood stream. In the blood stream, copper binds together with enzymes. These enzymes are used to aid in the creation of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is necessary for the body to repair and heal itself. Copper is a vital part of the body’s immune system. 


Basic                   $20

With Polish        $25

Gel Polish          $30


Basic                   $20

With Polish        $25