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Dr. Sarah Knife Chief

Medical Director, Co-Owner
Dr Knife Chief has been using Regenerative Medicine in her practice since her days in the Army, and utilizes Regenerative Medicine and Prolotherapy in her Orthopedic patients for the treatment of a number of conditions. Growing up as the daughter of an OBGYN, she worked in his clinic for years while in school and looks forward to helping women with their feminine health and optimizing their anti-aging concerns on a cellular level.
Dr. Luis Martinez

Director of Clinical Development and Scientific Innovation, Co-Owner
Dr. Luis Martínez is a physician, researcher, translational biotechnologist, and international biomedical consultant. He completed his residency training at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania. He also completed a fellowship in Biosecurity at the UPMC center for biosecurity and has undergone postgraduate training in stem cells and cancer. He is the president of Xanogene, a clinic offering regenerative medicine and anti aging therapies. He is also president of Regenera, a multinational involved in research, development and commercialization of cell and gene based therapies.

As co-owner and medical advisor to Inspire Med Spa, Dr. Martinez brings years of experience in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, intravenous nutrition, medical aesthetics, and regenerative therapies for facial rejuvenation and sexual dysfunction. Additionally, his knowledge base and extensive network helps Inspire Med stay at the forefront of cutting edge medical therapies. His years of experience in medical clinic management and biotech startup development are extremely useful in helping Inspire Med become a grow exponentially, becoming a leader in the MedSpa business.

Skin Specialist and Lead Esthetician
In my line of work, I hear woman daily, tell me about everything they would like to have "fixed". Women from the ages of thirties to their sixties. One woman in particular, was constantly pointing out every flaw on her body and how she was so unhappy with everything. Almost to the point of obsession. One day I just had to say something to her. I told her, "you know, I've listened closely to everything you've told me. Now there's something I'd like to tell you. For every fine line, every wrinkle, every stretch mark and scar that is on your body, remember it is your life's story. It's a map of your entire life. Good, bad or indifferent, it is your life. As women, we are perfectly imperfect. We are beautifully flawed. Life will continue to change us. Why not embrace who you are and see yourself as beautiful as I see you."
Everyday, I am so thankful for who I am and who I've become as a woman. I am proud of my scars, fine lines and stretch marks. For they have made me who I am today. I wouldn't trade them for anything. I have earned every stripe.
Instead of focusing on all of our imperfections, let's focus on the perfect women we have become. God has blessed us with life. Wouldn't our time be much better spent focusing on the important things?

Heather Pile
Director of Clinical Operations, Co-Owner
I’ve been working in Regenerative Medicine for years, and have always been amazed by the restorative properties available in MSK applications as well as the impact it has on urinary incontinence. While working in the field, we often discuss the need to address all areas of cellular health and I am excited to apply this knowledge to our Med Spa services.

Not to be cliche, but I'm not just the "President of the Hair Club, I'm also a member". If you have any questions, I'm an open book as to the benefits I have personally experienced, and look forward to sharing our program with clinics across the Country as we expand the Inspire Med Spa experience.

Shaye Rowlett
Registered Nurse, Injection Specialist
Helping others feel good about themselves in the smallest measure sends me home at the end of the day fulfilled. It is exciting to be involved with both men and women as we all age gracefully and with dignity.
Sonia McClain
Medical Assistant
Of course we are going to age, but why not look and feel your best while doing it?


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The aging process begins at the cellular level, so our anti-aging treatments start there. By utilizing cellular nutrition, regenerative medicine, and a holistic approach our treatments take into consideration your concerns and combine many layers of cellular repair to optimize your results.
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